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 Hypnotherapy Packages
Resilient, Empowered, Connected 

HypnoTherapy is an internationally recognized modality for treating mental, emotional, and psychosomatic issues. It is a holistic approach to identifying and healing the source of unresolved issues and inner conflicts that cause distress and/or unwanted behavior. It uses and relaxes the conscious mind and subconscious mind, creating the space for positive changes to be made at a deep internal level. This process is uniquely designed around you and your goals. 

Hypnotherapy may be right for you if you: 

  • feel stuck in your life 

  • are seeking behavior change 

  • are experiencing anxiety, sleep challenges, pain, or other mental/emotional/physical challenges

  • hope to gain clarity 

  • hope to make positive changes

After each session (regardless of the package you select) you will likely have assignments aligned with your values to work on between sessions. 

3 Sessions

3 Session Hypnothearpy Package includes: 

  • 3 1:1 Sessions, each session is 90 minutes (recording available)

Investment: $750


  • One hypnosis audio 

  • A self-hypnosis script 

  • One audio song written just for this session package

  • A soul statement card for you to write your self-affirmation(s)

*sessions are scheduled either weekly or bi-monthly, and used within 6 weeks or will be forfeited

6 Sessions

6 Session Hypnothearpy Package includes: 


  • 6 1:1 Sessions, each session is 90 minutes  

  • (recording available)

Investment: $1350


  • Two hypnosis audios 

  • Two self-hypnosis scripts

  • A soul statement card for you to write your self-affirmation(s)

  • Two audio songs written just for this package

  • A Breathe & Believe Bracelet (gemstone)

  • Be Soul Centered card deck (made specially by WholeSight) 

*sessions are scheduled either weekly or bi-monthly, and used within 3 months or will be forfeited

All HypnoTherapy package options are offered in-person.

Please note: Each package option is aimed at helping you reach your goals and overcome mental and emotional barriers. You will also enhance your well-being and become more aware, resilient, empowered, and connected.


By investing in yourself and in this work, you will be laying a new foundation for your life. While results can seem quite magical, hypnotherapy is not magic. When you intentionally create the space in your life to do your inner work, and practice specific tools to improve your well-being, you allow yourself to be removed from every day life and can experience more beauty, delight, and awe. Doesn't that sound magical? 

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