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I offer Virtual Counseling or Coaching Intensives for those who are ready and committed to heal, clear, and up-level their mind and life in a concentrated amount of time.

Intensives are offered in both Half Day OR Full Day options


Whether you choose a Counseling OR a Coaching Intensive, both help clients more forward in their lives faster than the traditional 1 hour-at-a-time session format because together we can get to the root of the issue, process, and release more material in a shorter time, thus bringing about healing and relief more quickly. 

Intensives are intentionally a different approach to healing and achieving your goals.


Please keep in mind it is called an intensive for a reason. The work can certainly be intense, but so is the healing and the way you can move your life forward.


An Intensive is deep, informative, and transformational due to our ability to do much more experiential, imaginative, and active processing (than can be done in an hour). Intensives help you release, rewrite and restore in an effective and efficient way, enabling you to see and believe that what you hope to achieve is possible and attainable.



Benefits of an Intensive:



Through Intensives you can experience real, life changing healing in a matter of a day (or days) rather than months or years.



Intensives can actually be more cost effective than long term support because the support is concentrated and highly focused. The work done in an intensive can ultimately require less session time and less cost overall.  More time is spent concentrating on processing and healing, and you are given a ‘blueprint’ to actively engage with daily, thus getting you to your goal(s) more quickly.

If you are interested in an intensive, book a curiosity call with Holly to see if an intensive is right for you.

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