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Are you feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and tired of living with so much stress and strain?


Do you feel overwhelmed by all the aspects of your life? 


Would you like to change personal habits and/or behaviors?  

Do you look toward external circumstances to make you happy as opposed to within

Are you open to learning effective and efficient ways to cope with all the demands of your life? 


Hello! I'm Holly Barnes and I'm happy you're here. I am an experienced and passionate personal guided change and transformational expert with 10 years of experience who has helped hundreds of women live healthier and more whole lives through my one-to-one sessions and workshops, both in person and online.

In my work with clients I utilize practical, evidence-based, holistic, and spiritual tools and resources, including hypnosis, in order to help my clients transform and overcome mental and emotional barriers, create positive personal change from the inside out, and experience greater relief, joy, and calm on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level, and create the change they are seeking for their lives.

I strongly believe that by investing time and space in your life to draw inward, create new positive subconscious connections, and intentionally nurture your mind, body, heart, and soul is healing, transformative, and lets you experience magic in your life. 

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Let me guess.... Perhaps you find yourself... 


  • Ready to be free of the outdated subconscious patterns that are holding you back...

  • Wanting to change the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck...

  • Desiring to get out of the cycle of trying and failing and starting over...

  • Wanting to take your life into your own hands and discover your inner power... 

  • Open minded and willing to try something new (that works!)...


AND, You feel the pull to : 


  • Clear out the clutter in your mind

  • Reveal what's keeping you stuck

  • Shift your mindset

  • Enliven, Embody, and Empower Your Life

  • Awaken your inner connection

  • Experience profound, lasting transformation like never before-- in a relatively short period of time…


I have been privileged to help hundreds of women experience the shifts and transformations they are seeking. 

As your coach I help you...

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So the question truly is....


Are you ready to live a better version of your life?


A life that is more authentic, intentional, and joy-filled?

If the answer is YES then you are ready to

Make Time For Magic 

My Make Time For Magic Program is a 3 Month Online Personal Transformation Coaching Program.


This program is a one-of-a-kind, life-enhancing experience that will help you learn to navigate the ebbs and flows of life with greater ease and resilience, and equip you with helpful strategies that you can implement into your life as soon as we begin working together.


  • 6, 60 minute Bi-Monthly Sessions

  • Detailed Pre-Program Questionnaire

  • A Personal Power Plan (aka Homework) to implement learning and growth in between sessions

  • Tools, resources, and strategies uniquely blended from practical, holistic, spiritual, psychological, neuroscience, and evidence based practices to improve overall well-being, raise resilience, and empower your life. 

  • Voxer support in between sessions

  • Individualized Recommendations and Resources as needed 


  • Surprise welcome gift to help keep you centered and grounded (US only)

  • Be Soul Centered Card Deck (US only)

  • 2 meditation instrumental songs created specially for clients in this program

  • 2 Hypnosis audio recordings 

  • Stress less food suggestions pdf

  • Life Log worksheet pdf

Payment Options 

One time payment of $1,525 USD

Or three monthly payments of $525 each month


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