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Why we ALL benefit from therapy...

Due to misconceptions some people find themselves reluctant to try therapy. Many people think that only those with debilitating mental illness seek help, which is not true. Many people who are in crisis, and many people who are not, seek out and benefit from therapy.

Like most things in life there are people who love therapy, others who dislike it, and others who aren't sure how they feel about it. Maybe you think mental health isn't a real issue. Perhaps you dismiss the idea of therapy due to stigmas, had an odd experience, or are nervous about the idea. Or maybe you are someone who has benefited greatly. Despite your thoughts and feelings about therapy, everyone can benefit. Let me explain why….

Life is full of experiences that can leave us overwhelmed and unable to cope at times, no matter who we are. Our internal being is impacted daily by external events that affect our well being- sometimes in big ways or for a long time, other times in small ways or for a short time. Regardless of what your life experiences have been, therapy can aid anyone.

Psychotherapy, or ‘talk therapy’ as some refer to it, aims to reduce distress via talking, not medication. Talking about our feelings and expressing ourselves has been proven to be effective since we are social creatures by nature. Because of this it can be immensely helpful to have someone to listen and be supportive of our emotions and struggles. While therapy can help people overcome issues such as anxiety, depression, and addictions, among many others, it also helps people be introspective and make new discoveries which lead to greater everyday well-being. To name a few benefits/outcomes…

Therapy allows people a time and space to explore parts of themselves, overcome challenges, set goals, be accountable, see a new/different perspective, access their own inner wisdom, receive support and validation, build skills and resiliency, find more meaning in life. and be more of the person they want to be.

Everyone would benefit from therapy because therapy is for everyone. Young/old, male/female, background/education, it makes no difference. Therapists use scientifically validated approaches to help people heal and develop constructive ways of dealing with issues, discover more effective ways of being, and help people change things in their lives that are not serving them.

A trained listener can offer objective insight in a non-judgmental environment. The hope of all therapy is to help people feel better and equip people with tools and resources to better manage stress, navigate life, and live more productive lives. Who wouldn't benefit from that?

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