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4 Ways Your Life Can Improve with Hypnotherapy

4 Ways Hypnotherapy Can Improve Your Life

My Quest

In my perpetual quest to find the most effective and efficient mental and emotional healing for the world at large, I serendipitously found Heart Centered Hypnotherapy. From the moment I read about Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy I had an indescribable inner-knowing that I had to complete the training. I felt a sense that this modality was a ‘missing link’ in my work. Why? How? The answer was not immediately clear.

Throughout my time as a therapist, I have explored, researched, trained in, and employed a variety of modalities. What I have gained and learned has aided my work in significant ways, but I still found myself searching. I approached this hypnotherapy training with similarly tempered expectations. I cautiously hoped this would be a rich and rewarding experience and outcome, but only time would tell.

My Experience

Certainty, curiosity, hope, nerves and skepticism were present between my head and my heart as I entered the training. I chose to allow belief and trust to guide me during my learning. When the facilitator and co-facilitators shared about their personal and professional transformative experiences due to completing this training, I felt excited and skeptical, wondering if that could really happen.

Sure enough, after completing the Heart Centered Hypnotherapy training, I understood how this modality can be life changing and a transformative experience for people. Not only had the healing opportunities I personally received (which I did not even consciously know I needed) been profound and unlike anything else I’d experienced, I witnessed profound healing, and also had the privilege of facilitating dramatic healing for others. The process of Heart Centered Hypnotherapy has the ability to provide corrective experiences physically, spiritually, and emotionally (that’s why it’s known to be a holistic psychotherapy).

You Can Experience This Too

People say that sessions leave them feeling like their eyes are open wider, colors are more vibrant, their path and purpose is more clear, and that they have an overwhelming sense of being grounded and connected at the same time. Sounds pretty magical, doesn't it? Well, it was and it is.

The holistic nature of Heart Centered Hypnotherapy and the well-being it provides has the ability to positively impact and heal people on four levels: Mind, Heart, Body, and Soul.


-Become more self aware and consciously shift mindset, change habits and behaviors

-Access the subconscious to reveal and restore old memories and experiences


-Experience unconditional love internally and externally

-Learn to reprogram what serves your highest good


-Release trauma that has been held somatically (in the body)

-Neurologically create new insights and build new neural networks


-Reconnect with yourself and live from your core, in alignment with yourself ---Live with new conclusions and discoveries about who you are and your purpose and path

I encourage you to tune in to yourself and take a moment to notice what you’re thinking, feeling, or experiencing right now. Perhaps there is a fog around you, or an ache or pain that nags you, or a behavior you have attempted to extinguish. Maybe you’ve tried counseling or coaching and found some relief and improvement (I sincerely hope that’s the case). If any part of you feels like there could be more…something else you’re willing and wanting to try for yourself, then I invite you to experience Heart Centered Hypnotherapy.

There is a light burning inside of all of us that wants to be seen and shared in the world. Hypnotherapy can enable you to heal and live in your light.

If you are ready to become unblocked, change what's holding you back, and live more freely, I would be more than happy to work with you.

Also, to learn more, read about Heart Centered Hypnotherapy here.

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