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WholeSight Groups

Holly Barnes, LPC

I facilitate the three groups below on an as needed, rolling basis. Each group is a closed group meaning all group members start and end the group at the same time. If you are interested in any of the groups offered by WholeSight, please enter your contact information below and be sure to identify which group you are interested in.  You will be notified when a new group is starting.  

Empowered is a 6-week group for high school students experiencing anxiety. In this group participants will have the opportunity to explore areas of stress, learn helpful coping skills, practice mindfulness exercises, and discover practical strategies to employ when feelings of anxiety arise. The purpose of this group is to normalize anxiety among adolescents and teach participants alternative ways to cope that are empowering and have lasting effects.

Uniquely You is a 6-week group for highly sensitive adults aimed at providing members the opportunity to connect with other highly sensitive people, and explore the impact that sensitivity has had on personal history, inner world, and in relationships.  The goal of this group is to enhance functioning in all areas of life and build on the unique gifts of being highly sensitive.

Gone But Not Forgotten is a 6-week psychoeducational group.  The purpose of Gone But Not Forgotten (GBNF) is to aid adolescents in a time of grief.  GBNF aims to create an environment where adolescents can share and work through their experience, know they are not alone, and hopefully find hope and peace.  GBNF hopes to provide its group members with a greater awareness of death and dying, provide information and tools to better cope with grief, and encourage sharing common experiences.  It also aims to increase self-awareness, and help its members to be healthier physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

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