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Are you living with unresolved trauma?


Would you like to heal, feel better, and reclaim your life? 

If so, I can help. 

Hi, I'm Holly 

I specialize in helping people transform trauma through mind-body modalities. 

To live is to experience trauma at some level, at some point... but the consequences and effects don't need to live on inside of you.


Healing and transforming trauma is possible. 

 I offer remote holistic, integrative, and restorative Counseling and Coaching services.


Remote sessions are offered in a variety of formats to best meet your needs/goals, ranging from weekly 1:1 to half and full day intensive options. 

I am passionate about helping clients create a new inner foundation so they can heal, achieve their goals and create positive and lasting change from the inside out.


If you are ready to embody new ways of being, please reach out.  


Holly's support is the most positive, uplifting and effective. She meets me where I am and has the ability to reveal things to me that I don’t see for myself. She enables me to reframe situations and free myself from emotional bonds that no longer serve me. As a result, I have been able to lessen the baggage I carry through life, creating more distance and freedom from the traumas and wounds of my past that kept me in a state of “less than.” I am growing into my true and happier self thanks to her support. I highly recommend Holly Barnes for anyone in need of lessening the pain and transcending their past. ~T. D.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.”

Carl Jung

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