Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, and worry? 

Has a change or transition, or something from your past, left you struggling to cope?

Are you ready to resolve what's holding you back? 

I'm so glad you are right here, right now.

Whether you're seeking support for your anxiety, or for grief or trauma, relief is possible. Using evidence-based counseling approaches we will work together and you will become equipped with the tools and resources you need to overcome your struggle, reduce your pain, and live the present and future you want and deserve. 

Your emotional well-being matters. The evidence-based, holistic, and integrative practices employed at Kintsugi Integrative Wellness offer clients healing and growth, personal transformation, and the ability to live life more wholeheartedly.

Kintsugi Integrative Wellness supports the whole person -mind, body, heart and soul- through an integrative and holistic approach helping clients: 

  • Ignite Change 

  • Overcome Hardships

  • Restore Hope

  • Instill Courage

  • Transform Grief

  • Discover Balance

  • Integrate Wholeness

  • Raise Resilience

  • Empower Their Lives

Regular counseling sessions are held via phone/video. Each session is 60 minutes in length and payment of $120 is due at the time of service (credit card or PayPal). 

To get started, get in touch today! 

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