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Sound Healing

Would you like to experience relaxation like never before? 

Are you ready for a system reset? 

Welcome to the magic of sound healing- a wonderful nervous system support!

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Why is sound healing so powerful?


Sound creates a vibrational environment.  Because the human body is made up of roughly 70% water, sound waves easily travel through the body like ripples in a pond and become a catalyst for healing to take place. The harmonizing effect synchronizes brain waves, regulates the nervous system, and enhances the mind/body/being connection. (Sound healing can be likened to a cellular massage.)

I have welcomed an assortment of ancient Tibetan singing bowls into my practice ranging in age from 17th century to 20th century, in addition to a 9 piece set of crystal singing bowls. I would love for you to experience their wonder and healing.

If you are ready to experience relief like never before, get in touch today!

More about singing bowls...


How do the bowls work?


The sounds and vibrations created by playing ancient tibetan singing bowls reach your body on a cellular level. The vibrations from the bowls travel through your vagus nerve, which soothes, balances, and enhances your energy and brings harmony throughout your body.


The bowls also balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This further balances and harmonizes your internal systems, and regulates blood pressure, thus synchronizing the cardiorespiratory system and bringing all systems into a cooperative dance.


Additionally, the bowls help to activate the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system thus welcoming the body into a state of ‘rest and digest’, where tension and pain are reduced.


Particular bowls are used for physical and spiritual healing and will be used accordingly with your chosen focus area during a given session.


The sounds and energy created during sound healing sessions work directly with universal energy. Therefore, sound healing is energy work. The healing energy from the bowls taps into the body’s own frequencies to enhance well-being. The energy and vibrations created during sound healing sessions help to bring the mind/body/soul back into alignment.

If you are interested in a Virtual Group Sound Bath, please contact me here and I will let you know the next date/time. 

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