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Kind Words

'I can’t thank you enough for how much you’ve much helped me. It has changed everything for me. Thank you!'


'I was very overwhelmed before. I had experienced SO much change. I am feeling so much better about life now and actively enjoy myself and this new adventure.'


'Experiencing Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy with Holly Barnes was like taking a deep dive into your soul for healing work and coming out the other side refreshed and renewed.


As a fellow psychotherapist, I believe that most therapeutic modalities involve accessing the conscious mind to affect changes in beliefs or behaviors.  Working with Holly, I found a depth of healing beyond these boundaries that was highly transformative.  In her heart-work, she elicits a level of calm and self-trust, surpassing talk and behavioral therapy, which reaches profoundly into the psyche.  I appreciated the relaxation experienced during the sessions, yet was surprised by the abiding tranquility that followed. After a few sessions, my inner voice still keeps reminding me that I radiate love and that I have all that I need.'





'I first began meeting with Holly during a time of life changes and uncertainty. I found her to be very welcoming, caring, and easy to talk to. Holly definitely helped me see exactly what was troubling me and taught me how to deal with it.'


'I have thoroughly benefited from my work with Holly. Our time together has made me feel like I can continue to move forward. She's provided a light in what seemed like a narrowing world.'


When I engaged in Hypnotherapy for the first time when I saw Holly Barnes it was life-giving in a way that went deep into the core of my inner voice and messages I had been given as a little girl and what was confirmed throughout my life.  Hypnotherapy let me be in control in how deep or how long I wanted to explore my past, present and future thoughts and emotions.  I walked away after one session doing Hypnotherapy with new healthier messages about myself that I came up with and not just the therapist telling me.  I liked that I was given new tools in which to continue my new way at looking at myself to keep growing to discover who I want to be and who I really am in life.  Hypnotherapy gets to the core of issues safely which is encouraging when doing therapy.


R. C., LPC

Gold Leaf
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