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What is Hypnosis? How does it work?

Clucking like a chicken. Swinging pocket watches. You’re getting sleepy, very sleeeeepy. Does this sound like your notion of hypnosis? If so, you are not alone. But, all of the above is inaccurate. These stereotypical ideas have tarnished the reputation of hypnosis in recent decades. While hypnosis has been around for thousands of years, going back to the time of Egyptian temples, the entertainment industry has skewed people’s perception of hypnosis. After decades of myths and misrepresentations, there is a growing body of evidence and research that shows the therapeutic and healing benefits of hypnosis. In fact, the Mayo Clinic is using hypnotherapy to help people heal alongside the more tr

Why Our Emotions Matter

Emotions. They are everywhere. Unescapable and unavoidable. Emotions are in us and around us at all times. Some are light, and some are stronger and harder to experience. Plenty are short lived. Others linger for much longer. Regardless of their duration and intensity, emotions play an important part in our lives and help us survive and thrive. They serve a variety of important purposes in our lives including motivating us, helping us to avoid danger, make decisions, understand others, and also help us to understand ourselves and our needs. Our emotions are comprised of three components- 1. subjective, 2. physiological, and 3. expressive. Meaning, the way in which we internally experience a