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30 Self-Care Strategies to Relieve Anxiety (And Tend To Your Mind, Body, and Soul): Part 3: Soul


In Part 1 and Part 2 you have learned about the importance of self-care for your mind and your body. In Part 3 we will dive into self-care for your soul.

You have read about three significant ways to practice self-care, which include

  1. breathing

  2. moving your body

  3. nourishing yourself in healthful and healing ways

Our bodies have a remarkable way of informing us when we need to slow down and rest. The signals and messages from our body are not to be ignored as they tell us important news about our emotions and physical needs.

Too often we forget that in order to be the best version of ourselves, so that others also benefit, we need to practice self-care.

When our minds and bodies overload, it’s a sure sign that we need to practice some self-love and self-care, or rather, soul-care.

Any activity that creates a sense of calm, ease, relaxation and peace, feeds your soul. Each suggestion here may be modified if necessary but each idea has been intentionally created for everyone, wherever you are in life.

Other ways your ‘soul-being’ can be attended to and cared for daily include:

4. hold a warm cup of tea/coffee and drink it slowly

5. connect with a loved one

6. journal

7. listen to your favorite music

8. dance

9. practice yoga

10. pray

11. eat slowly

12. practice gratitude

13. go to bed earlier

14. disconnect from social media for a set amount of time

15. watch the sun rise or set

16. eat breakfast in bed

17. take a picnic to a park

18. linger in your pajamas a little longer

19. drink lots of water

20. take a longer bath or shower

21. say yes to activities that fire you up and say no to activities that don’t

22. frolic in the rain

23. read a light-hearted book

24. color

25. take a class/learn something new

26. help someone

27. snuggle a pet

28. draw a picture of what makes you happy

29. maintain your boundaries and say NO (kindly, of course)

30. spend time in nature and feel connected to the world at large!

As you experiment with what fits best for you, be open to try new activities. Determine what feels the best for you. You may discover you begin to crave certain self-care practices.

Things I’ve learned about Self-Care:

~Self-care is a process that takes commitment

~Self-care keeps you and your well-being a priority

~Self-care reduces the negative impact of stress

~Self-care improves your focus

~Self-care helps you to be more patient, kind, and calm

~Self-care needs to be maintained on a daily basis

Self-care is beneficial, that’s a fact. Caring for your overall well-being helps you to slow down, find calm in the storms of life, energize you, and connect you with yourself and others. Be as kind to yourself and your own needs as you would be to someone else’s. You will thank yourself for being a top priority in your life.

Sometimes our struggles are beyond the scope of self-care activities alone. If you find yourself struggling and in need of further support I invite you to contact me here.

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