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What Do You W.I.S.H.? Reach Your Goals in 2018

What do you Want? Intend? Seek? Hope? What do you W.I.S.H. for in your life? It is always a good time to seek to make a positive change for yourself. Setting goals for yourself is great, regardless of the size of the goal. The truth of the matter is that there is nothing magical about the fact that it is January and a new year. Good goals can be set any day of the year. But, to help you get a leg up on your goals this year, here is a list of tried and true ways (that have always served me well) to attain your goals this year (and sustain past the majority of people who’s resolutions have burn out by February). Follow these steps for your goal. If you have more than one goal, go through each

How Mindfulness Aids Grief

Grief, our natural response to loss, is one of the hardest and most painful aspects of our human existence. Grief can bring us to our knees, create the sense of a vast emptiness within us, and can prevent us from living our lives. The deep sorrow one experiences as a result of a death loss of a loved one is incomparable. The Journey of Grief Grief is a journey and a highly personal process. Its duration and destination is unforeseeable. Our grief has no timetable or clear end. It is a non-linear process. The goal is not to ‘get over it’ but rather to learn how to rebuild our lives in a way that we can live despite the loss we’ve suffered, and ultimately heal the invisible wounds of grief. Th