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What Do You W.I.S.H.? Reach Your Goals in 2018

What do you Want? Intend? Seek? Hope?

What do you W.I.S.H. for in your life?

It is always a good time to seek to make a positive change for yourself.

Setting goals for yourself is great, regardless of the size of the goal.

The truth of the matter is that there is nothing magical about the fact that it is January and a new year. Good goals can be set any day of the year.

But, to help you get a leg up on your goals this year, here is a list of tried and true ways (that have always served me well) to attain your goals this year (and sustain past the majority of people who’s resolutions have burn out by February).

Follow these steps for your goal. If you have more than one goal, go through each step, 1-8, for each goal.









Step 1. Keep Your Word. AKA Believe Yourself.

Just as you would believe your friend when s/he says s/he will do something, it’s imperative to believe yourself when you say you're going to do something. Words, like thoughts, have power.

Imagine if every time you you said you were going to do something (either to yourself, or to someone else) you followed through and did it? Not only would that someone else believe your words to be true, so would you.

Being true to your word (or your thoughts) matters. It is empowering and creates a sense of personal agency, which not only improves our well-being, but also speaks to the truth of us being the masters of our reality.

Deciding you want something good for yourself makes you and your well-being a top priority. Whatever it is that you set out to do, believing that you can and that you will reach your goal has a higher likelihood of success.

Step 2. Choose a goal that matters to YOU

Make a small list of things you W.I.S.H to create in your life. Sit with your list for a few days and ponder each bullet point. The genuine wants will distinguish themselves from the others.

Pick one goal for yourself that is a good goal that you honestly want for yourself. Do not pick goals that are out of guilt or shame or comparison. Your goal should be from you and for you, and the idea of your goal should make you feel good inside (albeit a little nervous).

Step 3. Be clear about the ‘WHY’ of your goal

Spend even a little time with young children and be armed to be a live encyclopedia. Children, especially toddlers as I can attest to, ask ‘why’ a lot. ‘Why aren’t there dinosaurs anymore?’ ‘Why can’t I stay up all night?’ ‘Why is it good to eat this green stuff?’ ‘Why do I have to bathe?’

That one, small but mighty question-WHY?-is brilliant!

Knowing the ‘why’ behind your goal is essential. The why of your goal lays your foundation. It helps you to make smart choices. Your why gives you purpose, inspiration, creativity. and helps you to maintain motivation. Our why gives us clarity and confidence and acts as our beacon.

Step 4. Look to the end goal

Look at the end of your goal. Spend some time visualizing and considering what it will be like to accomplish your goal.

What will life look like? How will you feel? What will be different? What will the journey to your goal have been like?

Imagining you’re at the finish line is very informative to help inform your route there.

Step 5. Break the goal down

With the end goal and big picture in mind, work your way backwards to determine which action step(s) you can take 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. Creating smaller goals within the scope of your larger goal makes achieving your goal manageable. Take time to thoughtfully craft a sincere plan to which you believe you can (and will) commit. This includes small, manageable actions steps that will bring you closer, inch by inch, to your goal each day.

{Trying to go from 0 to 100 isn't realistic and is a set up for discouragement and burnout. The ‘do-it-all-now’ mentality is why goals are often on the road to nowhere.}

Step 6. Set your intention

Now that you have determined which action steps to take first, second, third, etc., be intentional about generating a plan as to when/how you will achieve that first step. Throughout your process, know that it is better to go slow and steady. Step by step, piece by piece. The tortoise didn’t win the race by sprinting, that’s for sure. Success, no matter how small, breeds success.

{Here’s an example. Maybe your goal is to ultimately drink 8 glasses of water in a day because right now you only drink two glasses of water in a day and that’s not enough for your body. Perhaps for the first few days your intention is to drink 3 glasses of water of each day. Once you have your intention you can create your action plan.}

Step 7. Action time baby!

Now that you’ve created your intention, it’s go time!

From the above example, when will you drink that 3rd glass of water? How will you feel when you drink that extra water?

At the end of the day, be aware- did you have success today? Play around with your action step toward your goal if needed. Imperfection is part of the game and any progress is still progress!

After a day or two be real with yourself. Is your action plan working? Do you need to tweak something for tomorrow?

Always remember to recognize your success!

Once you’ve successfully incorporated drinking 3 glasses of water each day, you’re on your way to drinking 4 glasses of water each day which is twice as much as when you began! High five!

Step 8. Grace and Lightness

Magic doesn't happen over night. (Unless you’re Jack and have magic beans that sprout a beanstalk over night. In which case that’s awesome and please share.)

Instead, progress often comes slowly. Therefore, hold yourself to a standard of grace.

Carry your goal, the thing you want and desire, with lightness. Working to maintain an attitude and approach that is lighthearted will bring more ease and liberation into your journey (as opposed to rigidity and suffering). The art of achievement is dedication, discipline, perseverance despite setbacks, curiosity, openness, enthusiasm, good humor, and a whole lotta grace.

You Can Do It!

Following these tips are sometimes easier said than done. There are absolutely times when I misstep. Just being aware of what we W.I.S.H. forever, without any intention, action, or grace, will only hold us in place. It’s time to dig in the dirt, plant some seeds of change, and watch ourselves blossom. Here’s to reaching your goal(s) in 2018!

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