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Why Our Emotions Matter

Blossom in water


They are everywhere. Unescapable and unavoidable.

Emotions are in us and around us at all times.

Some are light, and some are stronger and harder to experience.

Plenty are short lived. Others linger for much longer.

Regardless of their duration and intensity, emotions play an important part in our lives and help us survive and thrive.

They serve a variety of important purposes in our lives including motivating us, helping us to avoid danger, make decisions, understand others, and also help us to understand ourselves and our needs.

Our emotions are comprised of three components- 1. subjective, 2. physiological, and 3. expressive. Meaning, the way in which we internally experience a given emotion (1) impacts how our body reacts to that emotion (2) and ultimately how we behave in response to that emotion (3).

Our emotions are the leading influencer in our lives. We are constantly experiencing emotions which directly impact our life. When our emotions are more negative it can be especially challenging to cope effectively.

While there is no such thing as a bad or wrong emotion, where people get themselves into trouble is in the expression, or action(s), they take in response to their emotion, especially difficult emotions.

Rather than be annoyed by your emotions, recognize how they provide us with helpful information. You are not your emotions- they are simply something you experience. Therefore, if you objectively observe your emotions and recognize that they don’t define you, your emotional experience can feel more manageable.

If you’re feeling stressed, listen to yourself and thank your body for getting your attention. When you listen to the information your emotions are proving you, you can better respond and take care of yourself accordingly.

Remember, emotions can be expressed verbally, non-verbally, and physically. Maybe you prefer to talk about how you’re feeling, or perhaps you like to journal or draw to help yourself feel better. Some of you might choose to exercise or dance. Whatever you tend to gravitate toward that is helpful and healthy is great…. but I encourage you to change it up sometime and express your emotions in a new and different way. Afterward, make note of how you feel. You might just find that you’re inspired and feel even better.

Being able to understand and manage our emotions is vital. When we are in tune with how we are feeling, we can then choose a helpful and appropriate behavior in response.

There are times in life when our emotions are strong and feel overwhelming. If you find yourself experiencing hard emotions, know that you have a choice in how you will respond. You can use the information presenting itself in the emotion to change the situation and to help yourself experience relief.

In my free guide, you will find 12 ways that you can experience emotional relief from whatever is ailing you, right now. You can download your copy right HERE.

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