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What is WholeSight?

The name and concept of WholeSight came to me long ago as I was contemplating my therapeutic approach to my work with clients in psychotherapy. People often seek help in times of distress. While that is a courageous act, I think people’s symptoms are often treated without much recognition as to how those issues impact the greater context of the entire person. I feel strongly about supporting the whole person through a holistic and integrative mentality and approach. Taking the entire person into consideration is essential, as it creates a greater opportunity to determine how particular areas of life (positive or negative) are affecting other areas. Just like in nature, we as humans experience and cause ripple effects for better or worse. WholeSight helps others see and integrate all parts of themselves in an informative, constructive, and beneficial way.

To me, WholeSight is the ability to personally reflect and determine how our thoughts, feelings, actions, and experiences are, or are not, serving to help us be more whole. By being more conscious and striving to see and integrate all of the parts of ourselves we can help create a new path; one that leads to a more fulfilling life.

Like a rock tumbler polishing rocks, WholeSight has been polished into a well-defined concept. WholeSight is the ability to recognize all parts of life and their interconnected relationship as they effect overall well-being. WholeSight is similar to a lens- by closely examining yourself and your life and determining how each area of your life effects the others, you will become more conscious and able to think, feel and act more effectively, efficiently, and holistically. Similar to how hindsight allows us to look back and understand something that has happened, and foresight helps us plan for the future, WholeSight helps us look inward and consciously integrate our experiences in an attempt to live a life of greater well-being and balance.

After reading this- what comes to mind for you? What is happening in your life right now? How are the events in your life impacting you?

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